Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)2019-01-06T12:43:17-06:00

If your question isn’t answered below, feel free to call or contact us for more information.


We provide complimentary shipping, complete with a tracking number, and signature upon delivery.

Jewelry Care2018-11-15T19:31:46-06:00

We provide the original owner of each John Giovanni piece with a lifetime of free cleanings, polishings, sizings & re-texturings.

Return Policy2019-01-16T20:56:07-06:00

We accept returns on items in original condition within 3 days of purchase. We pay return shipping.

Color Treated Stones2019-01-16T21:05:58-06:00

Black Diamonds

Most Black Diamonds are color treated so they have a complete black color, rather than the semi-opaque natural kind. Our “Bellezza Nera -Black Beauty” ring features a natural Black Diamond, and our “Rosa Nero – Black Rose” ring features a treated black diamond.

Blue Topaz

All Blue Topaz are color treated. We feature blue topaz on our “Luce Stellare – Starlight” pendant and our “Due Metalli – Two Metals” ring.

Colored Diamonds

Natural colored diamonds, aside from yellow and brown, are exceedingly rare. We feature treated blue diamonds on our “Felicità – Happiness” pendant, and our “Balena – Whale” pendant, and a green diamond on our other “Balena – Whale” pendant. Our Dolce – Sweet ring, features pink diamonds, and our Arcobaleno – Rainbow ring shows a full spectrum of colored diamonds.


All Tanzanite is heat treated for color. We feature one on our pendant “Bella – Lovely”.

Custom Design2019-01-06T14:02:33-06:00

Whatever you dream of, we can craft it. Whether you want a keepsake piece transformed into something new, or to create a one of a kind piece for your significant other – we’ll help you make it happen. From an initial design consultation, we’ll turn your idea into a series of sketches, narrow down your vision, and then turn it into real life. Please contact us or call for more information.

Refining Metals2019-01-06T14:05:57-06:00

If you have unwanted metals or jewelry that you’d like to refine or sell, we’re happy to walk you through the process. Please contact us or call for more information.

24k Gold & 999 Pure Silver2019-01-16T21:00:01-06:00

We believe you shouldn’t sacrifice the beauty and purity of the natural elements for the ease of crafting.

It is often said that pure gold and silver are soft. There are two different ways of getting around this. The most common way is to alloy it, or add other metals to it, and in doing so, 22k gold, 18k gold, or 925 silver is produced.

However, we prefer to work harden our metals. This lengthy process of milling, stretching, and hammering maintains the purity of gold and silver, while producing strong, hard 24k gold or 999 silver.

24K … 100% Gold
22K … 92% Gold, 8% Other
18K … 75% Gold, 25% Other
14K … 58% Gold, 42% Other
999 Silver … 99.9% Silver
925 silver … 92.5% Silver, 7.5% Copper

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