Black Diamonds

Most Black Diamonds are color treated so they have a complete black color, rather than the semi-opaque natural kind. Our “Bellezza Nera -Black Beauty” ring features a natural Black Diamond, and our “Rosa Nero – Black Rose” ring features a treated black diamond.

Blue Topaz

All Blue Topaz are color treated. We feature blue topaz on our “Luce Stellare – Starlight” pendant and our “Due Metalli – Two Metals” ring.

Colored Diamonds

Natural colored diamonds, aside from yellow and brown, are exceedingly rare. We feature treated blue diamonds on our “Felicità – Happiness” pendant, and our “Balena – Whale” pendant, and a green diamond on our other “Balena – Whale” pendant. Our Dolce – Sweet ring, features pink diamonds, and our Arcobaleno – Rainbow ring shows a full spectrum of colored diamonds.


All Tanzanite is heat treated for color. We feature one on our pendant “Bella – Lovely”.